• Campaign Management

    Run a smarter campaign by strategically targeting businesses for donations based upon a number of factors. Identify which businesses to target for which aspect of the campaign for greatest effect.
  • Cost Effective

    For as little as $10 a month, your organization can have the power of targeted fundraising.
    Guaranteed ROI

    Any time you spend your organization's money on a service, you are reducing the amount of money that goes to your cause. Fundraiser Focus guarantees you will make back your money and more or we will return our fee.

  • Data Extraction

    Download your generated data in a format that can be imported into your CRM system. This can be a one-time download or a real-time connection based upon your needs.

    CRM Integration

    Upload your CRM data into Fundraiser Focus to provide history data to your campaigns. Identify which organizations donated already in order to further refine the targeting process.

  • Get Started Today

    It is time to stop blindly feeling around for fundraising dollars, letting opportunities slip through your fingers. Sign up for Fundraiser Focus today and turn the spotlight on your target pool.


Why Waste Resources?

Identify exactly who to target and for what type of donation.

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CRM Integration

Keep your data systems and Fundraiser Focus on the same page by integrating campaign data with your CRM.

Platform Independent

Mac, PC, iPhone, Android, tablet...it doesn't matter what you use, if it can open a web page it can use Fundraiser Focus.

Everything in the Cloud

Your data is available no matter where you are. Whether you are prepping for a meeting by reading data from your smartphone or you are sharing conversion data with remote employees, Fundraiser Focus is there for you.

Top Notch Support

Donations are incredibly important to your organization. We understand that and we are here for you. Our engineers are on call 24/7 to ensure your organzation runs smoothly.


After using Fundraiser Focus, we noticed that our conversion rates had tripled. Can't say enough good about this service.

~Acme Fundraising